X1 77mm Circular Polarizer Filter

X1 77mm Circular Polarizer Filter

Brand Breakthrough Photography
Model X1-CPL-77MM

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Breakthrough Photography
Circular Polarizer Filter
Resolving critically sharp and delivering excellent color neutrality, the X1 CPL features an ultra-slim frame profile, MRC8 and durable weather-sealed construction.
• Critically sharp optical glass made in Japan
• State-of-the-art 8-layer multi-resistant coating eliminates flaring and ghosting
• Circular polarizing film made in Japan
• Ultra-slim, weather-sealed construction
• 25 Year Ironclad Guarantee with U.S-based support
Durable By Design
Like Breakthrough Photography X1 UV, the X1 CPL is CNC machined with environmentally friendly aluminum to be incredibly durable, yet from the moment you pick it up you'll notice how astonishingly light it is. Weather-sealed construction means your lens stays protected from the elements. And the X1 CPL is also double-threaded which allows for easy filter stacking and is fully compatible with all of your lens caps.
How does poor quality MRC adversely affect image quality?
Poorly coated ND filters commonly exhibit visible flaring, ghosting, low-contrast and an reduction of sharpness and increase exponentially with a longer exposure. This also has the unfortunate effect of lowering the optical performance of the lens to the optical performance of the uncoated filter. The X1 CPL undergoes 8-layers of Breakthrough Photography state-of-the-art MRC, 4 layers applied uniformly to each side of the optical disc.
Double-threaded & Laser Engraved
Breakthrough Photography laser engrave lettering into the X1 CPL's filter frame to ensure that the lettering won't ever fade or come off after consistent use. They also engrave each and every X1 CPL with a unique serial number. When you activate your 25 Year Ironclad Guarantee online they associate your X1 CPL serial number to you, so any future discussions on this unique filter are tracked, issues recorded and all that stuff which goes into future product design.


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