X-E2S Mirrorless Camera with XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 R LM OIS Zoom Lens, Silver

X-E2S Mirrorless Camera with XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 R LM OIS Zoom Lens, Silver

Brand Fujifilm
Model 16499215


Body & Lens
18-55mm Lens
16 MP
APS-C Camera
HD 1080
Built-In Viewfinder
Wi-Fi: Yes
The new FUJIFILM X-E2S, a premium rangefinder-style mirrorless camera, has a durable and compact body and features a Real-Time Viewfinder with a large magnification of 0.62x and an electronic viewfinder with an incredibly short display lag time of just 0.005 seconds. The X-E2S also gives users an enhanced autofocus system, an improved grip, an electronic shutter, and a new, easy-to-use graphical user interface design, allowing extremely fast access to essential settings.
• 16.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS II Sensor
• Scratch-resistant, high-definition 3" LCD display with 1,040K dots
• New AF system offers the 49-point Single Point mode for fast, precise focusing, and a new Zone and Wide/Tracking modes with a 77-point area to capture moving subjects
• Maximum ISO performance up to 51200 sensitivity
• Near silent electronic shutter capable of exposures up to 1/32,000 second
• Two command dials and seven customizable function buttons
• Auto Mode Switch for quickly changing to an advanced auto mode with optimized settings
• Super Intelligent pop-up flash
• Full HD video 1080p at 60fps
• Advanced creative filters
Advanced Rangefinder Design - Engage with Your Subject and Capture Pictures Your Way
Sense the detail, mood and atmosphere of your scene The rangefinder design allows you to capture the moment as it happens while viewing your subject in perfect detail through the viewfinder.
From the X-E2 to the X-E2S - the evolution.
From Film Simulation to improved performance and faster autofocus - the new features on the FUJIFILM X-E2S enable you to capture your vision in as true-to-life a way as possible. A new chapter in rangefinder design.
Image Quality
Film Simulation Modes - Just Like Choosing a Photographic Film Capture Your Pictures with Unique Fuji Colors
Color reproduction technology perfected through over 80 years of color film development research, responding to the requests of professional photographers.
In addition to the standard PROVIA, the brilliant colors of Velvia, and the muted tones of ASTIA, the user can select from 11 different types, including PRO Neg.Std and PRO Neg.Hi for skin tones and Classic Chrome for a vintage look.
Fujifilm's commitment to image quality not only improves lens resolution, but also takes detail to a higher level.
New AF system for capturing moving subjects
The new AF system in the FUJIFILM X-E2S adds the new Zone and Wide/Tracking options to the existing Single Point mode to focus on one of 49 points for fast and precise focusing The new modes offer a vastly improved focusing performance on moving subjects across the 77-point AF area.
Real-Time Viewfinder in a rangefinder-style model
The 2.36 million-dot organic EL display and dedicated viewfinder lens enables the FUJIFILM X-E2S to offer a display magnification of 0.62x with a clear and high-definition viewfinder screen. In addition, the world's shortest display time lag of just 0.005 seconds ensures photographers can capture every shooting opportunity while looking at the live view through the viewfinder.
Lens & Accessories
A comprehensive line-up of 21 high-performance FUJINON X-Mount lenses, covering ultra-wide-angle to super telephoto options
The latest digital technologies have been used to develop X-Mount lenses, which offer high-precision optical designs for the best possible image quality.


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