Websense Inc Express - Subscription license ( 7 months ) - 1 additional seat - volume - level C ( 260-500 ) - Win (WSX-C-CP07-S)

Websense Inc Express - Subscription license ( 7 months ) - 1 additional seat - volume - level C ( 260-500 ) - Win (WSX-C-CP07-S)

Brand Websense Inc
Model WSX-C-CP07-S

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Websense Inc
Security applications - intrusion and vulnerability detection, content filtering
Product Type
Subscription license - 7 months
License Type
1 additional seat
License Pricing
Volume / level C ( 260-500 )
Service & Support
New releases update - 7 months

Websense Express provides the industry’s leading content filtering and Internet security capabilities in a simple and affordable solution. It allows organizations under 1000 users to quickly and easily protect their employees from Internet risks by controlling access to inappropriate content and proactively blocking security threats before they have a chance to infect their systems.
Unmanaged Internet access presents many challenges to organizations that rely on the Web for day-to-day business. Even seemingly-harmless Internet use may expose organizations to productivity loss and serious security threats. While large organizations may have access to expensive, sophisticated security solutions, mid-sized and smaller organizations may not have the budgets or technical staffing required to protect against these threats. Websense Express delivers the industry’s most respected content filtering and Internet security solution optimized for mid-sized and smaller organizations. It is a simple and affordable solution to protect against the dangers of unmanaged Internet access.
How is Websense Express Different?
Websense Express is engineered to meet the needs of mid-sized and smaller organizations who require a content filtering and Web security solution that works out-of-the-box, requires no specialized training, and delivers real value quickly. Websense Express delivers enterprise-level functionality, optimized for the needs of mid-sized and smaller organizations.
– Provides immediate protection against productivity and bandwidth draining Internet use and Web-based threats.
– Easy installation and out-of-box defaults mean the software is set-up within 30 minutes.
– “Getting Started” tutorial helps administrators create customized policies quickly.
– Always up-to-date through automatic daily database updates; requires little maintenance or updating.
– Web-based reporting and context-sensitive drill down capabilities for easy and effective analysis of employee Internet use.
– Integrates with Active Directory and NT domains for easy policy creation and organizational reporting.
– Combines content filtering and web security into one solution that improves employee productivity and protects against complex Internet threats.
– Fully-integrated system platform provides one-box management and reporting within a single server.
– Intuitive real-time monitoring shows Internet usage and system status on a single dashboard screen.
– Begins working immediately, often paying for itself within 30 days with productivity improvements alone.
– Eliminates layers of IT security technology that are illdesigned to address the productivity and Web security needs of mid-sized and smaller organizations.
– Reduces added expenditures by leveraging your existing Windows investment and expertise.
Delivers “Instant Value”
– Within minutes of installation, management has visibility into how the organization is performing, the level of Internet activity, and where risks exist, such as security threats and bandwidth usage.
– Delivers best-in-class web security technology at an affordable price, resulting in fast return on investment
Optimizes user productivity and IT resources
– Increases employee productivity and reduces IT staff diversions by proactively managing Internet use and reducing risks associated with using the web.
– Ensures employees work in an environment that is managed in a way conducive for business.
Maximizes security and enhances security effectiveness
– Increases the overall level of security against web threats (threats NOT addressed by anti-virus or firewalls), and does so in the most cost effective manner- blocking them at the source.
– Mitigates risks associated with information theft and unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information.
Maximizes business continuity
– Provides real-time management visibility into Internet use, and allows customized reporting to give organizations the flexibility necessary to meet their unique operating requirements
– Increases overall system uptime and availability by preventing web threats from penetrating the IT infrastructure and disrupting business operations, which can result in revenue loss, customer dissatisfaction, and potential liability.
– Includes enterprise level functionality for a small IT investment- from procurement, to setup and ongoing management.
Saves money and streamlines IT operations
– Reduces unnecessary spending on numerous layers of IT security technology, and optimizes IT staff.
– Reduces problem calls associated with slow network or desktop performance.
– Reduces frequency of re-imaging desktops due to corrupted configurations.


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