WDL-PRO 2-Channel VHF Microphone Wireless System, WR32-PRO Receiver, 2x WM-PRO Transmitter, 2x EX-503 Omni Lavalier Microphones, Ear Phone Monitor

WDL-PRO 2-Channel VHF Microphone Wireless System, WR32-PRO Receiver, 2x WM-PRO Transmitter, 2x EX-503 Omni Lavalier Microphones, Ear Phone Monitor

Brand Azden

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F1: 169.445 MHz, F2: 170.245 MHz
Includes Complete System
Lavalier Wireless Mic System
The Legendary Azden Pro Series Just Got Even Better!!!
The same great quality and performance you expect from the Azden PRO series, but now in a dual-channel option. Azden's PRO Series Wireless Systems have been a very successful mainstay in its product lineup for many years and now, Azden is proud to introduce a stellar compliment to that lineup: The all-new Azden WR32-PRO Dual Channel Receiver. It is well known that DSLR cameras give you excellent image and video quality, but their audio capability is severely limited.
Using an Azden wireless microphone system will drastically improve your camera's audio and give your footage the high quality it deserves. Not only will the Azden WR32-PRO capture stunning audio from a single subject, it will enable you to add audio from a completely separate second subject at the same time, when using it with two of their Azden PRO Series transmitters. With its user-friendly design, the convenience of the dual-channel capabilities and versatility, the Azden WR32-PRO makes a fantastic addition to your DSLR gear.
• 2 WM-PRO transmitters w/ lapel mics & 1 WR32-PRO receiver
• Removable Shoe Mount for WR32-PRO Receiver
• Use 2 microphones simultaneously
• Includes DSLR/Video Camera Stereo Output Cable
• Operates in the low-interference VHF band
Use 2 Wireless Mics At The Same Time
The all-new WR32-PRO is an affordable, high-quality dual-channel VHF receiver specifically geared towards DSLR or video camera users. It allows you to record audio from two wireless microphones at the same time. The WR32-PRO works with any combination of two WM-PRO body pack transmitters and/or WM/T-PRO handheld microphone transmitters. The unit operates on the VHF wireless band of 169.445MHz (F1) and 170.245MHz (F2) and it can easily be attached to most cameras with the supplied shoe mount or locking adhesive strips. Azden also gives the user the options of purchasing the new WR32-PRO receiver by itself or as part of a wireless kit. The two (2) kits Azden offers will cater to the specific needs of the DSLR user. Whether you prefer the body pack transmitters with lavalier microphones or wireless handheld microphones, Azden has the solution for you.
WDL-PRO Wireless System
The WDL-PRO VHF Wireless System pairs the new Azden WR32-PRO Dual-Chanel Receiver with two (2) of the WM-PRO belt pack transmitters and the Ex-503 lavalier microphones. This kit allows for a convenient wireless filming option for the on-camera subjects, recording high-quality audio with the lavalier microphones, which hook directly to the subject's shirt or shirt collar. This set-up is ideal for outdoor videos, weddings or even on camera interviews.


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