Sion UV 52mm Filter

Sion UV 52mm Filter

Brand VU
Model VSUV52

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UV (Ultra Violet) Filter
Made of Glass
UV Blocking Filter
The VU Sion UV 52mm Filter is designed to be a part of your lens from the moment they're screwed into place. Equipped with VU patented iO Lock, which environmentally seals and protects the front element of your lens, VU UV filters also feature hardened glass, an optimized UV rejection coating, VU unique White Balanced Multi-Coating and a special Flat Wave Overcoat to ensure that your images are captured exactly the way you envision them.
Black Anodized CNC Aluminum Filter Frame
This filter frames are more rigid and can better withstand side impacts because they are milled from a single piece of aluminum.
Black Edge Coated Glass
Prevents internal reflections within the filter and, in the case of polarizer's, it helps seal the polarizer's edge, making it a complete unit.
Flat Wave Coating
Optic coating that gives the filter's front surface a smoother-than-glass" finish, making filter maintenance and care much easier.
Hand Crafted and Individually Inspected
Run in small batches, hand crafted and individually inspected to ensure the utmost in optic quality.
Impact Resistant Glass
Conforms to the highest specifications for glass hardness in lens filters. It doesn't make the filter shatterproof, but it makes it durable enough to withstand some pretty diverse conditions.
iO Lock Integrated Optik Lock (Patent Pending)
Environmentally seals the front of any lens, protecting it and keeping it safe from the elements and impact damage.
Ultra-White Schott German Optics
The glass is ground and polished to achieve the highest performance possible, ensuring maximum resolution of the photographic image, while appearing completely invisible to you and your lens.
UV Rejection Coating
Ensures that any unwanted UV reflections and ghosting are eliminated from the image. You just simply get a clearer image using this filter.
White Balanced Multi-Coating
Specially formulated coating process that ensures that there is no color shift when placing the filter in front of a lens.


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