P164 Circular Polarizer Filter, P-Series

P164 Circular Polarizer Filter, P-Series

Brand Cokin
Model CP164

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Cokin Circular PolarizerFeatures
P160 Linear Polarizer
P164 Circular Polarizer
P160 Linear Polarizer
P164 Circular Polarizer
Circular Polarizer Filter
Cokin P
•Light rays which are reflected by any surface become polarised and polarising filters are used to select which light rays enter your camera lens.
• They allow you to remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass etc.
• They also saturate colors and increase contrast.
•Polarizers come in two variations but have the same effect. Linear polarizers work with older camera meters; circular polarizers are designed for today's newer slpit-beam metering systems used in auto focus cameras; check your camera's manual.
The Cokin Circular Polarizer is most used by customers who consider themselves to be aPhoto enthusiast among others.The Cokin Circular Polarizer is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Cokin Circular Polarizer:Clear optics, Consistent effect, Firm mount and Strong construction


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