MediaClone SuperCopier Desktop Multi Channel Hard Drive Duplicator Unit (SCD-0001-00C)

MediaClone SuperCopier Desktop Multi Channel Hard Drive Duplicator Unit (SCD-0001-00C)

Brand MediaClone
Model SCD-0001-00C

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The SuperCopier Desktop Unit is an industrial and an extremely fast, multiple purpose hard drive duplication unit. It can be used to perform hard drive duplication, hard drive imaging, hard drive cloning, hard drive erase, and hard drive quick format of many hard disk drives in a very fast and efficient way. The unit performs at a very high transfer rate, in a very secured Linux environment, and with the most efficient user-friendly touchscreen icons application. The unit has a durable built, with a desktop style, featuring an 8 channels open tray for easy hard drive insertion and connection, 8 SATA/SATA-3 ports, 6 USB3.0 ports. By default one SAS/SATA port and one USB ports are set to perform as the source ports, but the user has the flexibility to assign each port of the unit as source or target. The SuperCopier application supports many modes of operations, such as:
1) Mirror mode, Imaging drive with 100% bit by bit copy - any OS and any file system, with Hash verification mechanism which includes Hash target drives and compare to source drive for 100% data transferred verification. User can also image a portion of the drive by adjusting the % of the bit by bit mirror imaging
2) Duplication drives with a Quick Copy/Advanced Smart Copy - The application supports duplication of the files system only, from many source drives that have the following file system: FAT/NTFS/exFAT/Linux EXT2-4 to many target drives. Also the application automatically performs partitions scanning on the source drives, and partitions scaling (Scale up) on the target drives. User can chose to scale all partitions, selective scale partitions, or disable scaling. If the data on the source drive does not occupied the whole drive, user can copy it to smaller drive(if the data occupied only 200GB on 1TB source drive, than the target drive can be 200GB and cloning from 1TB to 200GB will work). Also the applicated is updated to clone drives with Windows 10
3) Deploy drive - The application supports duplication of data from one source drive to many target drives, or from many source drives to many target drives up to 4:4 on SATA/SAS ports and more iwth USB3.0 ports
4) Erase operations - The application supports independent channel/port erase operations with the option to use erase protocols: DoD, Security Erase, Enhanced Security Erase
5) Quick drive format - The application supports a quick format for NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, HFS+, and EXT4 file system
6) The SuperCopier application runs under secured Linux OS (Linux OS is not targeted by viruses and malware as Windows, for instance)
7) The unit has optional expansion hardware (Express Card Port to supports 1394 devices or Expansion Port with Expansion Box to supports SCSI storage devices and more)


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