Intego Remote Management Console - up to 1000 Mac clients (RMC-I)

Intego Remote Management Console - up to 1000 Mac clients (RMC-I)

Brand Intego
Model RMC-I

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Installation Requirements
Software Compatibility
Intego Remote Management Console requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later, and can manage any Intego programs running on Mac OS X 10.2 or later or client computers
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Intego Remote Management Console
With Intego Remote Management Console, manage and configure Intego security software on any number of Mac computers over a local network or the Internet. Create and load presets, configure individual settings and functions, and make changes to Intego programs on all managed computers quickly and easily. Apply settings to individual users or groups, and apply the same settings to all users or apply presets to specific users and groups.
Manage workstations, users and Intego products
The Intego Remote Management Console browser lets you view all the computers you can manage, change settings and apply presets by user and by product. Apple's Rendezvous technology lets you see all available workstations on your local network. You can also add workstations anywhere in the world and manage them via the Internet. Work with familiar interfaces
Intego Remote Management Console displays interfaces similar to those of the Intego security software you manage. Make changes to settings, save and apply presets, and deploy a security policy in familiar interfaces. Manage all Intego security software
You can manage all Intego security software on your computers: VirusBarrier X, X4 and X5, NetBarrier X3 and X4, Personal Backup X3 and X4, ContentBarrier X, X4 and X5, ChatBarrier X3 and X4, and NetUpdate X and X4.
Remote Management Console Features:
  • A clear, easy to use interface - Intego Remote Management Console presents interfaces similar to the Intego products being managed
  • Compatible with the following Intego software:
    • ChatBarrier X3 and X4
    • ContentBarrier X, X4 and X5
    • NetBarrier X3 and X4
    • NetUpdate X and X4
    • Personal Antispam X3 and X4
    • VirusBarrier X, X4 and X5
  • System and hardware information for client computers is displayed
  • Lets the administrator view the current settings for Intego programs
  • Lets the administrator update and change settings on client computers
  • Presets allow the same settings to be used on multiple Macs
  • Groups allow simple application of security policy across computers
  • Logs record all activity
  • Total protection on client computers Intego Remote Management Console can only be used if the client computer authorizes remote management, and creates a secure, encrypted connection with client computers
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