HP Inc. Laser Matte Brochure Paper - 8.5 x 11 (150 sheets) (Q6543A)

HP Inc. Laser Matte Brochure Paper - 8.5 x 11 (150 sheets) (Q6543A)

Brand HP
Model Q6543A

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Media Type
Surface Finish
Media Sizes
Letter A Size (8.5 in x 11 in)
Printing Technology
Included Qty
150 sheet(s)
Compatibility Information
Compatible with
HP Color LaserJet 1500, 1500L, 1500L xi, 2500, 2500L, 2500Lse, 2500n, 2500tn, 2550L, 2550Ln, 2550n, 2605dn, 2605dtn, 2820, 2840, 3000, 3000dn, 3000dtn, 3000n, 3500, 3500n, 3550, 3550n, 3600, 3600dn, 3600n, 3700, 3700d, 3700dn, 3700dtn, 3700n, 3800, 3800dn, 3800dtn, 3800n, 4500, 4500dn, 4500n, 4550, 4550dn, 4550hdn, 4550n, 4600, 4600dn, 4600dtn, 4600hdn, 4600n, 4610n, 4650, 4650dn, 4650dtn, 4650hdn, 4650n, 4700, 4700dn, 4700dtn, 4700n, 4700ph+, 4730mfp, 4730x mfp, 4730xm mfp, 4730xs mfp, 5, 5500, 5500dn, 5500dtn, 5500hdn, 5500n, 5550, 5550dn, 5550dtn, 5550hdn, 5550n, 5m, 8500, 8500dn, 8500n, 8550, 8550dn, 8550gn, 8550mfp, 8550n, 9500hdn, 9500mfp, 9500n, CM1015 MFP, CM1017 MFP, CM1312 MFP, CM1312nfi MFP, CM2320fxi, CM2320n, CM2320nf, CM4730 MFP, CM4730f MFP, CM4730fm MFP, CM4730fsk MFP, CM6030 MFP, CM6030f MFP, CM6040 MFP, CM6040f MFP, CP1215, CP1515n, CP1518ni, CP2025, CP2025dn, CP2025n, CP2025x, CP3505, CP3505dn, CP3505n, CP3505x, CP3525dn, CP3525n, CP3525x, CP4005dn, CP4005n, CP6015de, CP6015dn, CP6015x, CP6015xh ¦ HP Color LaserJet Enterprise CP4025dn, CP4025n, CP4525dn, CP4525n, CP4525xh ¦ HP Color LaserJet Pro CP1525n, CP1525nw ¦ HP LaserJet 1020, 1022, 1022n, 1022nw, 1160, 1320, 1320n, 1320nw, 1320t, 1320tn, P3005, P3005d, P3005dn, P3005n, P3005x ¦ HP LaserJet Enterprise CM4540 MFP, CM4540f MFP, CM4540fskm MFP, P3015, P3015d, P3015dn, P3015n, P3015x ¦ HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fn, CM1415fnw, M102a, M102w
HP Laser Matte Brochure Paper, 8.5 x 11 in, 44 lb, 150 sheets. Compatible with HP Color LaserJet, 5, 5M, CM1015 MFP, CM1017 MFP, CP1215, CM1312nfi MFP, 1500, 1500L, 1500LXI, CP1515n, CP1518ni, 1600, CP2025n, CP2025dn, CP2025x, CM2320n MFP, CM2320nf MFP, CM2320fxi MFP, 2500, 2500L, 2500n, 2500tn, 2500 LSE, 2550L, 2550Ln, 2550n, 2600n, 2605dn, 2605dtn, 2820, 2830, 2840, 3000, 3000n, 3000tn, 3000dn, CP3505dn, CP3505n, CP3505x, 3500, 3500n, CP3525n, CP3525dn, CP3525x, CM3530 MFP, CM3530fs MFP, 3550, 3550n, 3600, 3600n, 3600dn, 3700, 3700n, 3700dn, 3700dtn, 3800, 3800n, 3800dn, 3800dtn, CP4005dn, CP4005n, CP4025n, CP4025dn, CP4525n, CP4525dn, CP4525xh, 4500, 4500n, 4500dn, 4550, 4550n, 4550dn, 4550hdn, 4600, 4600n, 4600dn, 4600dtn, 4600hdn, 4650, 4650n, 4650dn, 4650dtn, 4650hdn, 4700, 4700n, 4700dn, 4700dtn, 4700ph+, 4730, 4730x mfp, 4730xm mfp, 4730xs mfp, CM4730 MFP, CM4730f MFP, CM4730fm MFP, CM4730fsk MFP, 5500, 5500n, 5500dn, 5500dtn, 5500hdn, 5550, 5550n, 5550dn, 5550dtn, 5550hdn, CP6015dn, CP6015de, CP6015x, CP6015xh, CM6030 MFP, CM6030f MFP, CM6040, CM6040f MFP, 8500, 8500n, 8500dn, 8550, 8550n, 8550dn, 8550gn, 8550mfp, 9500n, 9500hdn, 9500mfp
HP Laser Matte Brochure Paper is HP's heavy matte laser paper for printing brochures and professional documents that you want to look and feel as impressive as they are important.
Features of the HP Laser Matte Brochure Paper - 8.5 x 11 (150 sheets)
  • High opacity for two-sided printing with no show through.
  • Ideal for impressive brochures, reports and other marketing materials.
  • Substantial weight for impressive brochures.
  • Ultra smooth finish for vivid colors and crisp text.


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