GGMCS Kaliber Gaming ELEVATR Mouse Cable Manager

GGMCS Kaliber Gaming ELEVATR Mouse Cable Manager

Brand Iogear

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Clips & Holding
Mouse Cable Bungee
Kaliber Gaming by IOGEAR's ELEVATR Mouse Cable Manager is the perfect accessory for tournament gamers and prevents missed shots caused by snagging the mouse cable during quick movements. The ELEVATR works by supporting the mouse cable at a point where just enough cable is extended, so that you can reach any part of your mouse pad without feeling tension. The ELEVATR's tensioned support arm raises the cable to help remove excessive cable slack and reduce cable drag. The reduced cable drag allows the mouse to move faster and more freely than ever before and without worry of snagging items on a cluttered desktop or on the edge of a desk. The anti-slip base helps keep the ELEVATR in place, but won't completely stop you in the event you find yourself having to extend beyond your mouse pad.
• Elevates mouse cable to prevent cable snag or drag
• Perfect mouse accessory for tournament gamers
• Flexible arm removes cable slack
• Mouse moves faster and more freely
• Anti-skid base for stability
Not Just For Gamers
ELEVATR isn't just for gamers. Using ELEVATR with your favorite desktop mouse will provide the best possible experience no matter if you are working, gaming or just surfing the Internet. ELEVATR keeps your mouse moving freely even on a cluttered desktop, so students and engineers- this is for you!


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