G200 Portrait 1 Filter Kit for A Series, Warm 81B #27

G200 Portrait 1 Filter Kit for A Series, Warm 81B #27

Brand Cokin
Model CG200

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Cokin A Series Filter KitFeatures
Adorama Valuable Bundle. Kit Includes.
Cokin Blister Pack A Filter Holder for Cokin A System.
Series A A027 81B Beige, Light Balancing Color Conversion Warming Filter.
Incolor 2 (Diffuser) A071 Filter with Center Spot for Wide Angle Lenses, Series A.
A840 Diffuser 2 Filter, Series A.
Blister Pack A - Filter Holder
Blister Pack A - Filter Holder & amp, Instruction Book
A840 Diffusion Filter
Image Softening Filter Kit
Includes Filter Holder
Cokin A
Save $57.64 in "Accessory Savings"when you buy this Cokin A Series Filter Kit. This Value Bundle comes with a Cokin Blister Pack A Filter Holder for Cokin A System, Cokin 81B Warming Filter, Cokin INCOLOR 2 and a Cokin A840.
Blister Pack A - Filter Holder & Instruction Book
The COKIN CREATIVE SYSTEM consists of 3 main components: An Adaptor Ring + A Filter Holder + 1 or more filters.
The COKIN Filter-holder can be precisely adjusted and attached to the lens by means of a screw-in adaptor ring. A change of camera or of lens necessitates only a change of adaptor ring, not the Filter-holder nor the filters.
The COKIN Filter-holder has four grooves. One holds round filters, which can be rotated in the groove. The three others hold square filters which can be adjusted up or down at will.
The Cokin Advantages
• Same filter for all your lenses by just replacing the adaptor ring.
• Rotate, slide, decentre in all directions for more precision and creativity
• Wide Range of Filters The COKIN A & P Series include a complete range of over 180 filters for a maximum potential of creativity, while the Z-PRO & x-PRO Series contains over 90 filters among the most used by professionals.
The Cokin Sytem is available in 4 Series
A Series : Comprises a complete range of COKIN filters for lenses with diameters up to 62mm.
A wide range of adaptor rings as well as numerous dedicated accessories (Holder Cap, Ring Cap, Coupling Ring, Modular Hood, Modular Bellows, Wallet & Storage Boxes,etc.).
Series A A027 81B Beige, Light Balancing Color Conversion Warming Filter.
• Between the hours of 10AM & 2PM the intense light of the sun gives your beach & mountain photos a blush (cooling) cast.
• Mist-shrouded sun gives an identical effect.
• In the tropics, the effect is accentuated.
• Cokin warming filters lend natural coloring to your photos by warming up and correcting ambient light.
• In portrait work, these filters give your models a suntan whatever the location or time of year.
• Slightly orange tinted, they adapt to every situation depending on the light available.
• Cokin warming filters are available in five increasing grades.
A026 (81A) the mildest
A027 (81B)
A028 (81C)
A035 (81D)
A037 (81EF) the strongest.
Incolor 2 (Diffuser) A071 Filter with Center Spot for Wide Angle lenses, Series A
•Cokin Center Spot Filters are have a clear center spot which isolates and draws attention to your subject, surrounded by neutral (colorless) diffusers.
• They come in small center spot (060 series) which is designed for lenses between 50 & 135mm, and large center spot (070 series) which are for lenses between 21 & 35mm.
• A060 Diffuser 1 is a mild, diffuser for a gentle effect. (Available as 070 for 21-35mm lenses).
• A061 Diffuser 2 is stronger than diffuser #1. (Available as 071 for 21-35mm lenses).
• A060/A070 is also available in an oval design which is ideal for horizontal or group portraits (Filter A 140); suitable for all focal lengths.
Cokin A840 Diffuser 2 Filter Series A
These filters use an exclusive COKIN process created by its founder and kept carefully secret ever since in the company laboratories. It's the way they diffuse the light from the luminous points of the image that gives shots that characteristic aspect.
Copied numerous times but never equaled, the diffuser filters exist in 4 intensities, from the most subtle to the most marked. Thereis nothing else like them on the market.
The Diffuser Light (820) is best for landscape photography and intimate portraiture. There is no equal for reducing facial wrinkles and small imperfections of the skin and is almost unperceivable.
With the Diffuser 1 (830) and especially the Diffuser 2 (840), you can literally make the years melt away as if by magic,leaving behind only radiance and glow. As for nature shots, they will have a completely different dimension! Discovering these filters meansentering into a world of images that were the mark of an era, and when one flips through a current fashion magazine, it's clear thatthey're back in style!
The Diffuser 3 (850) offers such a great diffusing potential that it virtually transforms itself into a shower


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