Filter Kit 5, 85x110mm \

Filter Kit 5, 85x110mm "P" Series 1.5mm ND Grad Hard Edge Resin Filter Kit with Neutral Density Hard Edge 1, 2, 3 Stop Filters

Brand Formatt Hitech
Model HT85GKIT5

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Formatt Hitech
Neutral Density Filters
Absorbing Cell technology
Graduated Filter Kit, Neutral Density Filter Kit
Cokin P
This Grad Kit contains the most commonly used densities of the Hard Edge Neutral Density filter - 1-3 stops (0.3, 0.6 and 0.9). Hard Edge ND grads feature a neutral gray effect at the top of the filter that sharply transitions to clear at the center of the filter. The main function of a graduated ND is to balance the luminosity of the sky to the terrain below. The hard edge grad primarily used in photos that feature a defined and uninterrupted horizon, such as a seascape. Formatt Hitech filters are made from the highest quality 1.5mm optical resin.
Formatt Hitech Resin
Formatt Hitech's resin filters are ultra flat, have excellent contrast and are completely transparent to the visible light spectrum. Formatt Hitech's resin has the highest scratch resistance of any non-glass optical material and it's resistant to most solvents, chemicals, aging and material fatigue. Because of the ruggedness, light weight and portability, resin filters are a great choice for photographers and HDSLR filmmakers. Resin filters are dyed using our exclusive Absorbing Cell Technology process.


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