E46 46mm UVa II Glass Filter, Silver

E46 46mm UVa II Glass Filter, Silver

Brand Leica
Model 13034

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UV (Ultra Violet) Filter
Made of Glass
UV Blocking Filter
The UVa II filter protects the front elements of the lens against scratches, marks and dirt. At the same time, the new multicoating and significantly improved optical parameters make it possible to preserve full imaging quality, even in unfavorable lighting conditions. Thanks to an additional thread, the UVa II filter can also be used in combination with other filters and acts as permanent protection for your valuable filters, too.
Superior Optical Precision
• Made of high grade optical glass
• Grinded and polished with the same attention to detail as the famous Leica lenses
• Manufactured exclusively for Leica fulfilling the strict Leica test and acceptance conditions
Unrivaled Performance Through Leica Multi Coating
• Same multi coating is used as on Leica lenses
• Full image quality of the Leica lenses even in challenging lighting conditions such as backlight
• Reduction of light reflections to only 0.35%
Perfect Mechanical Craftmanship
• Made from the same aluminum as Leica lenses
• Silver or black anodized finish to match perfectly to the Leica lenses
• Engraved lettering instead of cheap printing
• Filter glass is held in place with a screw-ring instead of a simple clip


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