Drobo 1-Year DroboCare Renewal Warranty for the Drobo 5D3

Drobo 1-Year DroboCare Renewal Warranty for the Drobo 5D3

Brand Drobo
Model DR-5D3-1S11

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Warranty Length
One Year

Renew the DroboCare warranty for your Drobo 5D3 for one year using the 1-Year DroboCare Renewal Warranty for the Drobo 5D3 from Drobo. The Drobo 5D3 includes a limited two-year warranty, and purchasing the renewal provides users with an additional year of advanced hardware replacement, as well as a full year of 24/7 technical support via phone, plus migration assistance and rescue kits. To benefit from this warranty renewal, your 5D3 must be covered under the standard warranty and the renewal must be added to your standard warranty before it expires.

Note: DroboCare must be activated within 30 days of being purchased. Drobo only allows a device to be covered by DroboCare for up to five years, meaning that this renewal may be purchased three additional times. For those looking for longer periods of DroboCare coverage, a 3-year renewal is also available.

General Features
Advanced Hardware Replacement
With Drobo's Advanced Hardware Replacement, if anything goes wrong with your Drobo, a replacement will be sent right away so you'll have it as quickly as possible – even before you send your Drobo in for repair. Round-trip shipping is also expedited and paid for.
Extended Support
Drobo's standard warranty provides 24/7 technical phone support for the first 90-days following purchase. With DroboCare, you receive a full year of 24/7 technical phone support with your extended plan. Web Portal support and many other online benefits are also provided. This all begins once your DroboCare is activated.
Migration Assistance
If you buy a new Drobo product, Drobo will provide migration assistance from an older Drobo product while you are covered by the initial 90-day DroboCare. Extended migration assistance is also provided to users that purchase a one-year DroboCare support plan.
Rescue Kit
As a current member of the DroboCare support program, Drobo can provide you with some help moving data around when problems occur. They will send out a Rescue Kit that allows you to safely relocate your data while they work to restore your Drobo to its fully functional state. The kit consists of a Pelican case loaded with a Drobo 5N or 5D, HDDs, and cables for connectivity.
DriveSavers Data Recovery Service Plan
Drobo and DriveSavers have partnered together to provide all Drobo storage arrays with a free 90-day Data Recovery Service Plan in case of accidental data loss. Be extra prepared for the unimaginable and protect against hard drive failure. Sign up within 15 days of purchase of your Drobo product.
Product Highlights
1-Year Renewal Warranty
For the Drobo 5D3
Advanced Hardware Replacement
Technical Phone Support 24/7
Migration Assistance
Rescue Kits
90-Day Data Recovery Service
Up to Five Years of Coverage


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