CTA Digital PlayStationMove PlayStation3 U.S. ARMY Elite Force Assaul (US-EFR)

CTA Digital PlayStationMove PlayStation3 U.S. ARMY Elite Force Assaul (US-EFR)

Brand CTA Digital
Model US-EFR

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CTA Digital
Product Type
Assault rifle attachment
Intended for
Game controller
Package Content
Bluetooth USB adapter, assault rifle attachment, dot sight, stock, muzzle
Compatibility Information
Designed For
Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 3 Slim, Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim

The U.S. ArmyTM Elite Force Assault Rifle designed by CTA Digital for PlayStation 3 & Move compatible games is the ultimate weapon for realistic battlefield combat. This unique rifle controller, modeled after actual military equipment has every button featured on a standard PS3TM Dualshock controller, including clickable thumb sticks for strafing, running, steadying your weapon and looking around within the game environment. It also includes a rumble effect similar to the PS3TM Dualshock. To sync wirelessly, all you need to do is plug the USB antenna into the console and press the home button on the Assault Rifle. That's it Perfect for titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops, or Battlefield 3 with the R1 button mapped to the trigger. Using the U.S. Army Elite Force Assault Rifle Controller from CTA Digital, theres no need to toggle back to your standard PS3TM controller. The controller also works with the cutting edge technology of the PlayStation Move. Simply insert a motion controller to play various Move compatible combat titles, such as Resistance 3, Killzone 3, MAG, Dead Space: Extraction and SOCOM 4. The Assault Rifle features digital button mapping, transforming your rifle into a Move motion controller rifle with instant response. In addition, the rest of the rifle can mimic the functions of a Move navigation controller. Equip yourself with pride using the U.S. Army Elite Force Assault Rifle for all your PS3 and Move shooting games.CTAUSEFR. USEFR. Cta CTA US-EFR PlayStationMove PlayStation3 U.S. ARMY (TM) Elite Force Assault Rifle. Video Games


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