B3 Omnidirectional Lavalier Mic with 3.5mm Locking Connector for Sennheiser Evolution Series (G2 and G3), EW 100, EW 300, EW 500, SK 1093 Wireless Transmitters, W4 (No Band) Standard Gain for Most Uses, White

B3 Omnidirectional Lavalier Mic with 3.5mm Locking Connector for Sennheiser Evolution Series (G2 and G3), EW 100, EW 300, EW 500, SK 1093 Wireless Transmitters, W4 (No Band) Standard Gain for Most Uses, White

Brand Countryman
Model B3W4FF05WSR

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60" (1.5m)
1/8" Mini Locking
Omnidirectional Polar Pattern
Countryman's B3 is essential to any well-stocked pro audio toolkit: it captures the highest quality audio available in a lavalier mic, with field-selectable high-frequency response caps and extremely low handling noise. Whether you need a tie-clip lavalier for an interview, a hidden hair mic for drama, a water-resistant mic for reality TV, sports or hurricane reporting or simply a small mic to hide in a prop flower vase, you'll never run out of applications for Countryman's B3 Lavalier.
And that's exactly why they made the B3 so rugged. The cable is protected from stretching by a rugged aramid core and the mic's protective caps are extremely resistant to water, sweat and makeup. You'd never expect such a mic to be so affordable, making the B3 one of the highest-value audio investments in your kit.
Looks great when you want to see it, virtually disappears when you don't. The B3 is easily hidden in hair or on costumes, with five colors to match clothing, hair and skin tones. Use a felt tip marker to color the white caps for near-perfect concealability. Never suffer the hassle and degraded sound quality of under-clothing miking again.
Exceptional Sound Quality
The B3 provides the highest-quality audio available in a lavalier mic. The aramid cable and ultra-thin diaphragm combine to set a new standard for low handling noise. The ultra flat frequency response accurately captures voice or instruments and the small size makes the B3 easy to position for ambient noise and feedback rejection.
Rugged and Reliable
The B3 is exceptionally resistant to makeup, sweat and moisture when used with the supplied protective caps and works well in hair or on the body. The protective caps are easily removed for cleaning or replacement and the Aramid-reinforced cable gives it world-class survivability.
Changeable protective caps let you shape the frequency response for different situations or to match other microphones.
Protective Cap
The B3 Lavalier should always be used with a protective cap in place to keep sweat, makeup and other foreign material out of the microphone. The caps make the B3 very water resistant. The three omni caps each have a different high-frequency response characteristic that controls the amount of "crispness" or "sibilance" (response at 15 kHz). The B3 ships with the +0 dB (Flat) protective cap fitted to the mic. Switch to the +4 dB or +8 dB cap to boost the perceived amount of presence in your sound, while leaving the lower frequencies unchanged. If you experience problems with high-frequency feedback, you should switch to the +0 dB cap.
This most sensitive (W4, no band) is appropriate for positioning on the chest or lapel and is a good choice for most lavalier uses.
Installation Mic

The protective cap of the B3 shields it from moisture and dust and reduces vibrations, making it an excellent installation microphone.
Concealed in Clothing
Positioned in the knot of a tie or behind a shirt button, the B3 delivers flawless audio and hides in plain sight. When placed completely under clothing use the +4 dB or +8 dB protective cap to boost high frequencies.


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