AC-5101 90W Universal Laptop AC Power Adapter with USB and 10 Interchangeable Tips

AC-5101 90W Universal Laptop AC Power Adapter with USB and 10 Interchangeable Tips

Brand Duracell
Model AC-5101

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AC Adapter
Made For Universal
Take charge of your mobile computing with the DURACELL Universal Laptop power adapter. This compact, lightweight power source provides reliable performance at home, office or on the road. Customized removable voltage-controlling tips allow these products to charge thousands of laptop makes and models with just one adapter.
It features a convenient USB power port which allows simultaneous charging of portable USB devices such as cell phones, PDAs, iPods and more while you use the unit to power and charge your computer. The Duracell adapter is fully compatible with virtually all major-brand laptops.
• Includes ten removable voltage-controlling tips, compatible with popular laptops from most major manufacturers, including Acer, Asus, Dell, HP/Compaq, Lenovo and many others
• Patented voltage-switching technology for ease of use; the adapter automatically chooses the correct voltage for the respective laptop once the correct power tip is inserted
• Energy-efficient design complies with CEC Level IV energy conservation standards
• Sleek, compact design is ideal for both home and travel. Charges from any standard AC wall outlet
• Convenient USB port charges cell phones, iPods and other portable devices while the adapter is in use
Truly Universal
The Duracell laptop adapter is incredibly versatile; its ten interchangeable charging tips are compatible with virtually all major laptop makes and models including Dell, HP/Compaq, IBM/Lenovo, Gateway, Toshiba, Sony and many others. It's a must-have for any computer user who's on the move! The Duracell adapter plugs into any AC power outlet anywhere around the world and provides a reliable power source to run your laptop computer and charge its internal battery.
Highest Quality and Security
Duracell adapters are made using the highest quality components and feature all of the necessary voltage and heat protection circuits to ensure maximum levels of safety and efficiency. The laptop adapter comes with an assortment of numbered tips which connect to the output cable of the adapter and control the output voltage. Each tip is specially engineered to work with specific laptop models. To ensure that the proper voltage is delivered to your laptop, you must always make sure that you are using the correct tip for your exact laptop, Please refer to the Tip Guide included with the adapter for specific tip cross-reference tables.
Patented Voltage-Switching Technology
Unlike some competitor models with manual voltage switches, the Duracell 90 Watt Universal Laptop Power Adapter comes with patented technology, which enables automatic switching between 16V and 19V depending on the laptop's power requirements. This technology makes the Duracell Laptop Adapter truly easy to use; no need to study the technical specifications of the laptop, simply plug and play".


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