77mm Film Look DV Kit

77mm Film Look DV Kit

Brand Tiffen
Model 77DVFLK

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Black Diffusion/FX ½ Gives a subtle, silkysmooth look to textured surfaces. Excellent in suppressing facial blemishes and wrinkles while maintaining the eyes as crystal clear. Takes the "hardedge" off of the scene and yet offers no hint that a filter was used.
Black Pro-Mist ½ Tones down excessive sharpness to create the "film look in video". This is especially useful given the extremely sharp resolution produced by contemporary lenses. Creates a light "pasteling" effect while reducing contrast. Slightly lightens shadow areas while minimizing highlighted areas and flare.
Warm Black Diffusion/FX ¼ Offers the same wonderful features as the Black Diffusion/FX while including an additional warm tone effect. Provides "healthy looking" skin tones while minimizing excess blue as produced from video lights or found in outdoor open shade
Soft/FX 1 Designed with tiny "lenslets" to retain overall image clarity while softening unwanted details. The Soft/FX's subtle effect does not cause the subject to look "out of focus" as many competitor soft focus filters do. Under certain lighting conditions, the Soft/FX may enhance flare.


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