67mm HD3 Circular Polarizer Filter

67mm HD3 Circular Polarizer Filter

Brand Hoya
Model XHD3-67CRPL

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Hoya Circular PolarizerFeatures
NEW 200% harder ultra-smooth nano-coating is easier to clean than traditional multi-coated filters
Offers increased contrast with no loss of sharpness
NEW 16-layer Hoya proprietary coating system reduces reflections that cause flares and ghosting
NEW coating technology yields 92% light transmission, is scratch and abrasion resistant, oil and water repellent
High-transparency UV absorbing polarizing film transmits 2/3 of a stop more light than standard PL films
Ultra-thin frame for use with wide-angle lenses results in no vignetting
High-quality Optical glass with UV properties
Offers increased contrast
Ultra-thin frame for use
High-quality Optical glass with UV properties
Circular Polarizer Filter
The Hoya HD3 Circular Polarizer camera filter sports a new and improved 16-layer ultra-smooth, ultra-hard nano-coating that is 2x sharper and 200% harder than the award-winning HD2 Circular Polarizer. Combined with Hoya's exclusive High-Transparency polarizing film that allows 2/3rds of a stop more light transmission than standard circular polarizing films while yielding more saturated colors and clarity. The new HD3 Circular polarizer is faster, sharper and "Hoya Tough".


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