67mm Circular Polarizer Filter

67mm Circular Polarizer Filter

Brand Sony
Model VF67CPAM

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Sony Circular PolarizerFeatures
Highest quality Circular Polarizing filter
Indispensable for landscape photography
Eliminates Surface Reflections, Enhancing Color Reproduction as well as Image Contrast
Lightweight aluminum/glass construction
Slim filter design prevents image vignetting
Unique ZEISS® T* lens coating helps minimize reflections between the lens and the filter, while also suppressing unwanted lens flare and ghosting. The result is clearer, sharper photographs when shooting in bright conditions.
Highest quality Circular Polarizing filter
Highly Effective for Landscape Photography
Circular Polarizer Filter
Circular polarizing filters suppress glare and reflection for optimum image quality. Effective when shooting through windows or shooting landscape that includes water or blue sky.
The Sony Circular Polarizer is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Sony Circular Polarizer:Bright display, Built-in speakers, Durable, Inexpensive, Lightweight and Realistic color


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