58mm F-Pro Kaesemann High Transmission Circular Polarizer Filter, MRC Coating

58mm F-Pro Kaesemann High Transmission Circular Polarizer Filter, MRC Coating

Brand B + W
Model 66-1081897

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B + W
Digital Circular Polarizer Filter
B+W Polarizing Filters
B+W Polarizers increase color saturation & reduce reflections. The neutral gray color and plane parallel polarizer material guarantee optimal image results. High-quality optical glass ensures excellent pictorial quality.
In addition, the Professional F-Pro mount Kasemanns feature MRC coatings and a front thread for additional accessories. B+W Kasemann HTC Polarizing Filters New B+W Ksemann HTC (High Transmission Circular) Polarizer filters provide greater light transmission while delivering the hallmark characteristics of a fine B+W polarizing filter.
Known for reflection reduction and improved color, polarizing filters are valued tools, especially for ever-changing outdoor environments. The trade off historically has been light loss. Use of standard polarizing filters comes with a loss of up to 2.5 f/stops of light transmitted, which can increase desired depth of field or shutter speed. However, the B+W next-generation HTC filters utilize a proprietary layer of specially selected, high-transmission polarizing foil, which reduces light loss to just 1-1.5 stops making them work much better in low light situations.


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